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You might have received thousands of applications in your inbox, but only a few of them are qualified for an interview. And because of cultural or time difference sometimes causing mis-communication, you could have missed a good teacher. Geteacher is here to help you hire a good teacher at a lower cost but quicker way. Our full-service recruitment helps the client identify good candidates, arrange interviews and follow ups, making your recruitment process smoother and more efficient.



We know it is not easy to manage distant staff, that is why we are offering the cooperate service which we will keep following post-hiring works. I will co-ordinate with your company HR to manage your distant staff, make sure they understand and implement your company’s policy and requirements. We can also work as your overseas office/teaching base, which helps you to organise workshops, trainings and meetings.

At Geteacher, we are not just advertising your job post, we are here to help clients helping people and making your day-to-day HR job easier and slicker. 

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Job adverts to UK major Boards

​Review CVs

Shortlist competitive Candidates


Identify Strong Candidates

​Interview Qualified Candidates 

​Candidates Training and Review

​Delicate Account Manager

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Contract Targeted Candidate

HR Coordinator 

UK Teaching Base/Offices

Organise Team build/Workshops

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