about us

We offer a full-service recruitment service which enables our clients to retain and manage their teachers more easily and effectively. We are here to ensure you receive the greatest benefit from your investment in people, making your organisation smarter and more efficient. We believe each institution is unique, so we carefully screen candidates and only deliver the best and most appropriate teachers to fulfil our clients’ needs.

Our Services for the schools

​reach professional teachers

We carefully select teachers for our database. Only experienced or certified teachers are ever considered. Personal attributes also play an important role in our selection criteria.

The UK has a high-quality education system and world class standards of teaching. Recruiting your teachers from within the UK education system will help you provide the best possible education for your students.

Save Thousands on Recruitment

We can help break down cultural differences, making the communication  process smoother and more effective.

Your Local Recruitment Office.

Rather than investing substantial sums in setting up an overseas office, we provide a comprehensive service to fulfil your requirements.

Dedicated Account Manager​

Each client will have their own dedicated Account Manager who will co-ordinate with you on your day to day HR work. Services include, but are not limited to: recruitment, interviewing, and distance staff training and management.

Protect your Business

For greater confidence and security, we create a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) with each new account, in order to protect the interests of our clients and their businesses.